VIP Suite Room

Room Facilities

Luxury cabinet furniture, LCD TV, satellite, communication satellite broadcasting
Telephone dryer Kettle · Wifi · air conditioner, refrigerator, shower toilet lamp shade

Room Amenities

Shampoo, rinse, body soap, hand towel, bath towel, toothpaste set shave
Slippers Hunger tea set

Lending fixtures

Mobile phone rental, charger, extension cord, wine opener, thermometer, nail clippers, blankets
Iron (There is some pay. Please contact the front desk.)


Size 80 square meters, City View window, elegant and comfortable sofas

King-size bed (180㎝ × 200㎝), feather pillows, luxury mattress

Incidental: LCD TV, refrigerator, Wifi, extension telephone, air conditioning, shower toilet

non-smoking room


70 usd/night